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PremiumMedia360 takes the guesswork out of broadcast campaign execution and the in-flight buying process. We synchronize campaign data between agencies and media partners, ensuring everyone has access to clean, accurate data. This improves performance and enables you to work smarter and faster with addressable, accountable, and actionable advertising data... We are the only company that automates the entire campaign management process without you changing your media management software systems.

First: PremiumMedia360 ingests all incoming and outgoing data. Media schedules and traffic data from agency media management platforms, pre/post logs, and invoices are delivered on-time and in the exact format required.

Second: PremiumMedia360 synchronizes the data into one common language that everyone understands. Our system organizes orders, revisions, and copy instructions in a central data repository and displays the data on an easy-to-use dashboard.
For Sellers

  • Schedule data delivery to all your agencies in the exact format they require. Just set it and forget it.
  • You don’t have to wait for the agency to match an invoice to find problems. Our platform catches errors and discrepancies while the campaign is in-flight.
  • Automatic error detection before the invoice is issued, so your invoices are discrepancy-free and at the top of the pile for payment.
For Buyers

  • No more missing or mismatched call letters, client names, or product names.
  • Early error alerts and automated reconciliation catch errors and discrepancies before the campaign takes flight, while the campaign is in-flight, and before the invoice is issued.
  • Ad-ID/ISCI errors, rotation, time separation, and other issues are identified and resolved between buyer and seller directly in our GIA-Cloud.

Finally: PremiumMedia360 delivers the data and makes it available in any format you need, whether you need it in an Excel spreadsheet or through API. Reports no longer need to be attached to emails, which saves additional data entry and time lost from your staff.

Let us show you how accessing clean, accurate data and automating the in-flight resolution process will reduce your overhead, preserve valuable resources and enhance client relationships across your agency.

Media Sellers
Let us show you the immediate benefits how automating the in-flight process will reduce revenue leakage, lower your operating cost, and speed up payments, so you can focus on delivering for your clients.

"Now, instead of spending time obtaining and managing data, we are able to automate this process and have actionable results faster than ever before."

Walker Burl, Director of Short Form Media Operations at Havas Edge


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With PremiumMedia360, you choose the tools that best suit your needs to automate the time consuming, non-productive tasks that plague today’s TV media selling and buying environment.

Start with a single tool today to begin moving your Network or Agency toward the TV media business of the future; a real time 2-way connected marketplace, where all sellers and buyers and their systems are connected.

See for yourself how easy it is to get started: Call us today for a quick demo. Learn how simple and affordable it is to position your business to offer the best in customer service while saving time and money.

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PremiumMedia360 provides a cloud-based operating system to automate the entire workflow, error-free,
between Networks, Broadcasters, 3rd Parties, and their Advertising Agencies.

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