What we've got here, is a failure to communicate
PremiumMedia360, the leading advertising data automation company, provides seamless data synchronization and data connectivity between ad agencies and media company partners to deliver 100% Pure Data into any media management software.

Our intelligent, open-source data management platform, Guidance Intelligent Assistant (GIA) Cloud, integrates with all media software systems to synchronize advertising data, making it more reliable and error-free. Acting as your trusted source of data automation, GiaCloud automates and synchronizes 100% of the data flow between you and your TV media partners.

Many companies talk about data automation, but we have done it. As a result, our customers are more profitable and able to focus on what matters most — making informed strategic decisions, with transparent, reliable data — which increases revenue.

The Only Trusted Source for Pure Data Automation
The Problem: Advertising agencies and media inventory owners are scrambling to move linear TV into the programmatic future. On the transaction side, television advertising buyers and sellers spend too much time mired in manual tasks, such as makegoods and reconciliation, instead of focusing on strategic, profitable initiatives. To stay competitive with programmatic alternatives, TV stations/networks need to enhance their existing systems so they can deliver campaign results within hours, not weeks.

It’s a data problem, and what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate: Buyers and sellers of ad inventory label their transactional data very differently. Data is stored in different formats and data fields, and as a result their systems literally do not “speak” the same data language.
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Smart Data Connectivity Simplified
 As an advertising data automation company, PremiumMedia360 seamlessly connecting broadcast and cable networks, TV stations, programmatic exchanges, SSPs, ad agencies and DMPs, and transporting the transactional data each party needs, in the format they need it.
 PM360’s AI-powered, cloud-based platform -- Guidance Intelligent Assistant (GIA) Cloud -- unleashes the full potential of programmatic linear TV. It cost-effectively integrates with all media software systems, synchronizing advertising data so it’s reliable and error-free, automating the transactional elements of buying and selling.
 We lead the industry in adopting the standards of the TV Interface Practices (TIP) Initiative. This optimizes how our TV media partners interface with their clients in an automated, unobstructed system.
 Automated data synchronization enables the information to flow seamlessly as "verified, accurate and accepted" to and from agency media management systems, sales management systems and digital programmatic platforms.
 The benefits to both the ad agency and the media partner are transformative. With programmatic automation, television advertising can remain a highly viable part of the consideration set for advertisers who demand performance from their television campaigns within hours, not weeks.
GIA Cloud makes programmatic linear TV an affordable reality by ensuring frictionless data transfer between ad buyers and sellers.
GIA Cloud reduces operating costs, by addressing tedious, manual workflows and improving bottom-line operational processes.
Advertisers can grow their business by focusing on strategic initiatives that boost revenue.
TV stations/ networks can increase their revenue by staying competitive within the digital ecosystem and improve overall workflow efficiencies.
GIA Cloud effortlessly integrates with existing software and media management systems, making them smarter, stronger, faster.
GIA Cloud makes sure all data is clean, accurate and actionable, without making any changes to a single data format.
Effortlessly automates data synchronization and translations, including formats, fields and mapping.
Precisely maps data to your existing systems and platforms, using a TIP-compliant architecture.
AI technology automatically finds and corrects first-party data errors, and fills in missing data from media partner reports.
With PM360, you no longer need to deal with email, Excel or manual key-entry and report comparisons to manage your campaigns.

PremiumMedia360's Cloud Based Software Tools standardize the data communication between Networks, TV Stations, Radio, OTT, and Agencies, creating higher productivity and allowing for Audience Targeting of TV buys while lowering the cost to do business in today's competitive landscape.

"Now, instead of spending time obtaining and managing data, we are able to automate this process and have actionable results faster than ever before."

Walker Burl, Director of Short Form Media Operations at Havas Edge



PremiumMedia360 allows you to continue to use your present exported data formats. Our system converts your data and formats it to each agency's specific needs. Connect with our system via CSV or fully automated via TIP-compliant API.


Data Delivery Via:

delivery options
custom data flow

INTERFace options:

Application Program Interface (API)
into your own software system.
Or upload directly from
your desktop computer.


We make the process of delivering relevant and customized data simple: Deliver data through our system in a non-connected fashion via CSV. Set-up will take about 15 minutes per Network or Agency. Or, connect and be fully automated via API with a simple mapping process. We offer full consultative support for API connectivity and will provide example API scripts. Call and let's discuss the specific process required for your business.



PremiumMedia360 makes it easy for Networks, 3rd Parties, and Agencies to seamlessly connect data flow, yet allows each to use their own proprietary or other third-party management software programs.

Networks and TV Stations continue to use their current traffic and order management software while streamlining and automating the data flow to their Agencies.
Agencies are able to extract all media and sales data, in a format that imports directly into their existing proprietary or third-party software programs.

Partner With Us

PremiumMedia360 data mapping technology provides a seamless link between your agency IT system and the IT systems of your media partners. You no longer need to hop from silo to silo to manage your campaigns: Now you can buy, analyze and plan all campaigns within your own media management system, and use PremiumMedia360 as a trusted source to automatically integrate first-party data to clean up industry errors and fill in missing data from media partner reports.

Partner with us and you partner with over 1,600 TV Stations, Ad Agencies and software suppliers that are connected today to the PM360 system, dedicated to the mission of automating data flow in the TV Media industry. (*as of November 2019)

The Only Trusted Source for Pure Data Automation

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PremiumMedia360 provides a cloud-based operating system to automate the entire workflow, error-free,
between Networks, Broadcasters, 3rd Parties, and their Advertising Agencies.

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