With over 2000 TV Networks / Broadcasters using multiple airing management systems and thousands of Ad Agencies using numerous order management systems, the industry has no standardized data communication capabilities. PremiumMedia360 solves this problem with Artificial Intelligence located in a powerful cloud-based TV media data hub. Our platform re-formats and re-positions your transactional workflow data to communicate seamlessly with every order management system in the marketplace. This enables Networks, Broadcasters, OTT Channels, 3rd Parties, and Agencies to continue operating with their existing software platforms while standardizing the data flow with their working partners.

Bottom line: We make media data management extremely efficient, saving time and money for Agencies and Networks.

Best of all, there’s no software to buy, learn, or install.



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Data Transportation Tools

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Our Airing Log Management tool standardizes data communications between all TV, radio, and OTT stations and ad agencies. Your agency 1st-party campaign data is utilized by our A.I. Guidance Intelligence Assistant (GIA), which eliminates manual labor, automates the airing log reformatting process, corrects station data errors, and fills in missing campaign data. The airing log data is then seamlessly input into your media management system of choice. GIA not only corrects all station errors, but memorizes all changes as well, providing your agency or station with 2-way data standardization and connectivity. Data can be sent directly from the station software into the PremiumMedia360 system and automatically formatted for instant upload into the agency system, eliminating human labor costs significantly.



The Pricing Management Tool allows Networks, regardless of operating system, to seamlessly share pricing data with their Agency partners. Transmit rate cards, manage advertiser campaigns, develop special spot pricing promotions and let our Software seamlessly convert that data to each Agency’s specific format requirements and deliver the pricing data to one or multiple agencies. Agencies receive the data exactly as their Media Management Systems require it for automated integration.



You subscribe to Spot Verification Data, but this is always cross-referenced to Network Data. Let GIA process your Network Log Data and attribute your 3rd-party Spot Verification Data. Reconcile TV, OTT, and Radio Log data versus that of any or all 3rd-party verification sources and receive instant and comprehensive discrepancy reporting. In addition, our verification tools make it easy to take advantage of station pre-logs and improve how you monitor your campaigns by having pre log data automated into your media management system. Price-Spot Reconciliation instantly verifies that the pricing in station post logs matches what your agency has documented in your system as the agreed-upon price.


The Addressable TV, Programmatic Exchange Management Tool allows Stations and 3rd Parties to deliver all Audience Targeting data, sales and order workflow data to agencies for ad planning, campaign management, and ROI analysis. We provided complete 2-way connectivity where applicable to the entire marketplace with one simple data connection. Our data conversion tools re-format and convert data to communicate seamlessly with all your data and media partners.

two-way communication


The PremiumMedia360 Order Management Tool seamlessly connects agencies and networks for all their order management needs, allowing 2-way automated order entry and communication, order confirmations, order updates, cancellations, and all other order and post buy work flow.


“PremiumMedia360’s Cloud Based Software Tools standardize the data communication between the Networks, Radio, OTT, and the Agencies, creating higher productivity and allowing for Audience Targeting of TV buys while lowering the cost to do business in today’s competitive landscape.”



PremiumMedia360 allows you to continue to use your present exported data formats. Our system converts your data and formats it to each agency's specific needs. Connect with our system via CSV or fully automated via API.


Data Delivery Via:

delivery options
custom data flow

INTERFace options:

Application Program Interface (API)
into your own software system.
Or upload directly from
your desktop computer.


We make the process of delivering relevant and customized data simple: Deliver data through our system in a non-connected fashion via CSV. Set-up will take about 15 minutes per Network or Agency. Or, connect and be fully automated via API with a simple mapping process. We offer full consultative support for API connectivity and will provide example API scripts. Call and let's discuss the specific process required for your business.



PremiumMedia360 makes it easy for Networks, 3rd Parties, and Agencies to seamlessly connect data flow, yet allowing each to use their own proprietary or other third party management software programs.

Networks continue to use their current traffic and order management software while streamlining and automating the data flow to their Agencies.
Agencies are able to extract all media and sales data, in a format that imports directly into their existing proprietary or third-party software programs.

Partner With Us

When you partner with us you immediately benefit from the connectivity progress made to date by all media partners currently onboard. Automated machine learning makes our Artificial Intelligence systems smarter each day, and every new partner added or user-specific upgrade enhances the system for every other user within the PM360 platform. This builds out a spider web of connectivity that will soon enable your agency to communicate seamlessly with the entire TV media industry. The PM360 system is 100 times smarter today than it was 6 months ago and, with our escalating partner growth, will be 500 times smarter in six months from now than it is today.

PremiumMedia360 data mapping technology provides a seamless link between your agency IT system and the IT systems of your media partners. You no longer need to hop from silo to silo to manage your campaigns: Now you can buy, analyze and plan all campaigns within your own media management system, and use our Artificial Intelligence technology to automatically integrate first-party data to clean up industry errors and fill in missing data from media partner reports.

Partner with us and you partner with 650* plus TV Stations, Ad Agencies and software suppliers that are connected today to the PM360 system, dedicated to the mission of automating data flow in the TV Media industry. (*as of January 2018)

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PremiumMedia360 maps data precisely to your IT system, so the data flows seamlessly to and from your media partners and integrates automatically with your chosen media management system. For a limited time for early adaptors, we provide, at our expense, any customized coding needed within our cloud-based program to automate the connectivity to your IT system.

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With PremiumMedia360, you choose the tools that best suit your needs to automate the time consuming non-productive tasks that plague today’s TV media selling and buying environment.

Choosing a single tool today begins the process of moving your Network or Agency toward the TV media business of the future; a real time 2-way connected marketplace, where all sellers and buyers and their systems are connected.

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PremiumMedia360 provides a cloud-based operating system to automate the entire workflow, error-free,
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